At work many of our affiliates (several from our 90 agencies to be exact) and partners are celebrating their services in their respective annual galas. And so we have received an overwhelming request of ads to be printed in journals that will be distributed to event attendees. It's become too […]

Ads in a Pinch

  After a couple of days experimenting with several WordPress themes, I came across Customizr, a theme that I believe retains some of the visual aesthetics I liked from my previous web portfolio designs. There are still more tweaks to follow. So why the change? The old site launched in […]

Good Bye Old Site!

I made an effort this weekend to spend some time with my 5d Mark II. Some of these photos were entered into New York City's #AutumnInNYC Contest, where winning photographers from each borough will become an "Instagram Ambassador" for the City until Spring 2016. I am crossing my fingers. Either […]

Don’t Forget to Shoot For ...

I don't ever take photos on Halloween. Standing on a corner on the East Village during this evening wasn't as bad as I predicted. And shooting at iso4000 isn't that bad either. See more on Flickr

Happy Halloween

Forgot to mention! Some of my photos were used on Gothamist and Metro New York via Flickr. It's nice to know that their worth it be used online. Check them out Gothamist Metro New York on page 4 Here's a sample:    See the rest on Flickr  

Pillow Fight Day 2014

As you can see, 2013 wasn't an active year for me in terms of photographing, making things and just being creative on my own time. I am trying to change that this year by being less lazy and experimenting. One way to make things better and feel rehabilitated artistically, is […]

Pushing Myself to Focus on ...

Here are two ideas for a poster I wanted to recreate. I wanted to create a piece that differs from what I saw in 2011, pictured right. The photographs are mine shown below. I shot them in 2009 as part of New York Care's math volunteer program when I was […]

Recreating Posters

Please read first According to Paul and Ann Rand, popular artists are known to help sell or produce a product by their clients or employers. In the piece, they are also deemed to be commercial. And because they help with selling or producing commercial products, there is a struggle for […]

Paul and Ann Rand

A couple weeks ago, I was assigned to create a composite pertaining to one topic my professor had in mind. I chose to focus on censorship in the media. The composite had to work with an editorial piece, though I thought I could make something that could work in other […]

Hildur Lilliendahl Viggósdóttir

Call for Board Members on Flickr. Via Flickr: Grandma needed a flyer asking for prospective board members of her building.

Call for Board Members

SilentMarchAgainstStopandFrisk_f-64 on Flickr. I finally got my shots on film from Sunday’s Stop and Frisk March processed. I didn’t have enough time to scan them so instead they were scanned at Enla, a small photo lab in Greenpoint. Enjoy.

Silent March Against Stop and ...

——10 on Flickr. Joseph and Theresa - Two artists I briefly spoke with as I was on my way to a photo lab. Joseph was standing in the rain barefoot. I regret not getting that part. © Sharese Ann Frederick

Strangers on the Street